Our history

Pass through the imposing wrought iron gate and you enter the world of the Château de Cormicy…

This architectural marvel with its sober and elegant curves was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. The Château overlooks a magnificent wooded park of 1 hectare which provides changing atmospheres throughout the seasons. There is no better place for a romantic stroll before the festivities.

To spend a few days at the Château de Cormicy is also to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a warm and intimate residence. The Château is getting a new look in 2020, with a new style revisiting the past thanks to the cheerfulness of contemporary materials and colors. The mix of atmospheres between the different buildings is daring. It stands out brilliantly from the classicism of traditional castles.

The Story

The life of the castle of Cormicy is not a long quiet river. Destroyed several times, the castle was rebuilt and transformed over the centuries. Three dates are inscribed on the building. The first construction of the castle dates from the 12th century. It was destroyed and rebuilt a first time in the 17th century. The existing castle was rebuilt after the First World War in 1925.

Some remains of the first buildings still exist today, such as the 13-meter deep underground tunnels dating back to the Middle Ages. In these underground passages, several inscriptions testify to the centuries of life in these galleries.

After having been the property of the archbishopric of Rheims, the Count Guillaume de Champagne acquired it after the First World War.

A new chapter

In 2020, Blanche-Marie and Laetitia: close-knit, passionate and sparkling sisters, begin a new chapter at the Château de Cormicy.

An oenologist and pharmacist by training, the two sisters share the desire to build a common professional project around hospitality and wine. A crush on a Château and here they are embarking on the adventure in 2020 with boundless energy. Improvised site managers, decorators, marketing managers, etc., they are perfectionists and enjoy innovating in all areas.

Their motivations

Exchange, share, meet, create unforgettable moments in their corner of paradise.

Their promise

To make you live the life of a squire for a few days.

Their motto

Life is beautiful…

The Vineyard

The Hotte-Schmit family has been producing champagne since 1955. Our vineyard and cellar are located in Brimont, 15 minutes from the Château de Cormicy.

For several years, Laëtitia, Blanche-Marie and their brother François-Xavier have been developing the family legacy. Dynamic and passionate, the trio accompanied by Martine, their mother, begin a new chapter in this family adventure.

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